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In order to ensure that only acceptable assets are distributed from your IMS Library, you can specify that downloads must be approved before they are processed.

When you enable approvals for a User, you also specify which User should approve their downloads.

The download approvals process can be enabled for the Download Wizard and Single click downloads: it cannot be applied to Publishing files.

Download Approvals Process

If the account of the User performing a download has been configured to requiring approval for downloads, then the following additional steps will be included in the download workflow.

  1. Before files are prepared for collection, the User will be informed that the download is subject to approval and prompted to enter a description of the purpose of the download. Once completed, this information is sent by email as a request for approval to the designated approver.
  2. The User will receive an email to confirm the download request and a Pending approvals message box will display on the left of the IMS window, listing all of the download requests they have made.
  3. The designated approver will receive an email notification and a message on the left of the IMS window (when logged in) to review the download.
  4. If the download is approved, the User will receive an email and the download will be listed in the Download Collection box on the left of the IMS window.
  5. If the request is declined, the User will receive an email and the download will be removed from the Pending Downloads box.

Enabling Download Approvals

  1. Select Users > Users & Groups
  2. Click on the User you wish to edit
  3. Open the Downloads tab
  4. Open the Download Wizard dropdown and select Download requests
  5. Open the Requests are sent to dropdown which includes the names of all users. Select the the User who should receive the download requests.
  6. Click Update User to save your settings.

Approving a Download Request

When the User performing a download has been specified as requiring approval for downloads, the request is forwarded to the designated approver by email and as an alert in their IMS account when they are logged in. These alerts prompt the approver to approve or decline the request and, where a request is declined, to include a reason that is emailed to the User requesting the download.

Approvers can also access approvals waiting their attention from the Tools > Approve Downloads menu. This page contains a line for each User, with details of the date and time of their request and the size of the files.

More about Downloads

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