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The Third Light Uploader is a free accessory for Windows or MacOS X which provides the most convenient way to upload files to your Intelligent Media Server (IMS).

You can download the Third Light Uploader by selecting Uploads > Desktop Upload Tool from the main menu in IMS, or click here to download the latest software now.

The main features include:

  • Drag-and-drop uploads of files and folders
  • Queue mechanism for large upload tasks
  • Instant visibility and editing of the folder structure of your site
  • Firewall-friendly (only uses HTTP, port 80 or 443).

The Third Light Uploader is installed by double-clicking the application after it has been downloaded. In Windows, you will find it in your Start Menu (under Third Light ). For MacOS X, you can drag the tool to your Applications folder or another convenient location.

The Third Light Uploader is able to handle files of up to 2GB in size on 32-bit IMS installations and up to 4GB on 64-bit installations. FTP should be used if you wish to upload files larger than this. Additionally, please note that the Third Light Uploader cannot be used to download files from the server to your computer. We recommend you use IMS itself to interact with files once they have been uploaded.

How To Use The Third Light Uploader

Step 1: Enter the settings for your site and your login details.

Setting name



Enter the address of your IMS site, eg.


Use the default, port 80, unless your system administrators advise you otherwise


If you have a secure HTTPS server, you can use this option to encrypt traffic from your computer to the IMS server. Otherwise, leave unchecked.


Enter your IMS username


Enter your IMS password

Remembering the correct settings is easier if you note that the server address and username and password are the same as you would use to gain access to the IMS web site, normally. You can also click “Remember my Password” to store your settings for future use.

Step 2: Drag-and-drop files

After logging in to the Third Light Uploader tool, IMS will display a split window, with your computer’s contents on the left and the IMS storage on the right. Navigate to the folder containing the file or files you wish to upload on the left-hand side.

To perform an upload, simply select the file on the left-hand side, and drag it to a folder on the right- hand side. If you need to upload more than one file or folder at a time, you can either:

  • Hold down Control and select all of the files or folders you wish to upload one by one;
  • Hold down Shift and select the range of files or folders you wish to upload.

You can also right-click in the IMS panel on the right-hand side to create new Folders.

When uploads are in progress, the queue at the bottom of the screen shows progress bars. Two files at a time are uploaded. IMS will show files as "preparing" when they are next to be uploaded, and "finalising" when the server is completing the transfer (ie. ingesting the new file to your database and creating a new thumbnail).

If any errors occur (unrecognised file types for example) you can click on the ‘Errors’ tab above the queue to see a list. While files are waiting in the queue, you can add more files to the queue or right-click on items in the queue to remove them.

Step 3: Further Actions

Once the Third Light Uploader has finished uploading your files, login to IMS and check the folder to which you uploaded files. If no further action is required, the files will be available. If the files are not available:

  1. Check for a message about pending uploads on the left side of the IMS page. If a message appears click the embedded link to open the Pending Uploads page;
  2. If no message appears then your files are awaiting approval by the designated approver. Check the folder again at a later-date. If the files are not uploaded in the time you expect, contact your IMS administrator.

Pending Uploads

If any of the following optional features are enabled, any files you upload are placed into pending status awaiting further action, rather than being made available in IMS:

  • Metadata available. You are given the opportunity to enter information about each of the files you are uploading - a description and keywords for example.
  • Metadata required. You must enter some information about each of the files you are uploading - the presence of a red dot before a field indicates that an entry is mandatory and you must make a valid entry before your upload can be accepted.
  • Version control. IMS detects if the file you are uploading is the same or very similar to a file already in IMS and if so, asks you how to handle the duplication: don't upload the file, upload as a duplicate or upload as a revision of the existing file.

When you are adding metadata or choosing revision options, individual files are added to IMS as you complete the necessary tasks. You can exit the page and return to it - to complete the required tasks for the remaining files - at any time. To open the Pending Uploads page, click the link included in the message on the left-hand side of the IMS window reminding you that pending uploads require your attention. The reminder message remains until all the files have been added to your IMS or have been removed from the upload.

Access the Pending Uploads Page by logging into IMS and clicking on the link included in the message box on the left-hand side of the page alerting you to pending uploads.

For more details, please refer to Pending Uploads Page.


You can specify fields of metadata that a user must or may complete when uploading Files. As well as presenting free-form entry fields, you can present users with lists of options they can click to select appropriate metadata content. You can also specify default metadata content that is automatically added to any new file uploaded to a specified Folder.

These techniques can help you ensure consistent and useful metadata which will make assets easier to find and reuse.

For details, please refer to Edit When Uploading.

Version Control

You can enable Version Control and specify for each user if IMS should detect potential duplicate files when they are uploading new files to IMS. If you enable these options, IMS detects files being uploaded that are the same or very similar to a file already in IMS and prompts the user with options about how to manage the duplication.

For details of the options provided when uploading, please refer to the Pending Uploads Page. For details about Version Control and enabling it for users, please refer to Version Control.

Upload Approvals

You can specify that any uploads made by a user or group must be approved before becoming available in IMS. A request will be sent to the designated approver automatically when the user submits an upload and files will be placed in pending until approval is given (or removed if approval is declined).

For details about enabling Upload Approvals, please refer to Approvals and Workflow.

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