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You can adjust several important aspects of the upload process to suit your standards and procedures, as follows:

Duplicate Detection and Version Control

You can enable Version Control, and specify for each user if IMS should detect potential duplicate files when they are uploaded. If you enable these options, IMS detects if the files being uploaded are the same or very similar to a file already in IMS and if so, prompts the user with options about how to manage the duplication.

For details of the options provided when uploading, please refer to the Pending Uploads Page. For more details about Version Control, please refer to Version Control.

Metadata In Uploads

If a file already has metadata embedded and is uploaded to IMS, the metadata will be automatically discovered and imported. Any metadata fields that have been bound to IPTC or XMP are considered during upload. For further details, please refer to Metadata.

If the file being uploaded does not contain a caption or description field, IMS uses the Folder name as the default. For example, if the Folder into which a file is being uploaded is called 'Folder1' and the source file being uploaded has no caption or description field, the caption for the file in IMS will be 'Folder1'.

Specify Default Metadata By Folder


Require Users to Set Metadata

You can specify the fields of metadata the user must complete in order that a File they are uploading will be accepted. The user performing the upload is informed by an alert that they have a pending upload requiring review. The alert includes a link to the Pending Uploads Page. To enable this feature, please refer to Assign Editing Rights.

The Pending Uploads page presents each of the uploaded Files together with the fields of metadata that you have specified are required or optional. When the user completes the required or optional fields satisfactorily, their Files may either be added to the IMS Library immediately, or sent to another user for final review. The approver will be presented with the Files in the Pending Uploads page, where they can review the metadata and approve or decline the upload request. It is also possible to configure which fields the approver has visible at this stage. Refer to Approvals and Workflow for more details.

Metadata fields can use drop-down menus and tree-based checkbox fields as well as free text. Using different input types makes it easier for user to complete required fields. For more details see Metadata Display Types

Pending Uploads paged - click to enlarge

Specify required content - click to enlarge


More about Upload Approvals

Adding Copyright Notices To Uploads

You can specify that your Copyright statement is added automatically to all uploaded files. This will be the same copyright statement that appears in the footer of your IMS Library pages.

More about specifying your Copyright statements
More about adding Copyright to files automatically

Terms And Conditions

You can specify that a User accepts your Terms and Conditions each time they upload files. You can also create a version of your standard Terms and Conditions statement specifically for the upload process. You enable acceptance of T&Cs with every upload for a particular user as follows:

  1. Select Users > Users & Groups
  2. Select the User or Group to edit
  3. Go to the Uploads tab
  4. Check the Upload Terms and Conditions option

To configure the Upload Terms and Conditions, refer to Terms and Conditions.

Assigning Upload Privileges To Users

Each of the following options can be set for a User by editing the User's account:

  • Enable or disable Uploads
  • Specify if IMS should detect potential duplicate files and present the user with choices about how to manage the duplication
  • Specify whether files uploaded by the User are passed to another user for approval
  • Choose if the user should be required to enter metadata as part of uploading new files

You can manage all of the above options as follows:

  1. Login as an Administrator
  2. Select Users > Users & Groups
  3. Click the Users to adjust or click the Edit button next to their account
  4. The Edit User page opens with several tabs - click the Uploads tab
  5. Select Uploads and set the options on the page in the way you require
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