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If you are unfamiliar with this concept, you may wish to refer to the Introduction to Metadata

The Customise Metadata Page enables you to add, remove and modify the fields of data/information used to document the files in your library (caption, description, owner, and so forth). The page is accessed from Home > Configuration > Metadata.

This page is available with Premium and Enterprise editions of IMS (not with the Standard).

The fields on the page and their usage are described as follows.

Use the handle to drag-and-drop a panel or field and so arrange the panels and fields in the order you want them to be presented to users when they open a file in the File Console.

Hide Fields By default, all the fields beneath each panel are displayed on this page: click the Hide Fields panel to hide the fields for a panel. You can also choose Hide All at the bottom of the page to hide all fields in all panels.

Show Fields If you have hidden fields using the Hide Fields button, select the Show Fields button to display them (again). You can also choose Show All at the bottom of the page to show all fields in all panels.

Select to add to or modify the keywords that are available in a keyword style field (keywords, tree, controlled vocabulary).

Use the Edit button to open a field and change the format (text, dropdown etc.), the way it is grouped with other fields in the list, or to view/change the IPTC/XMP mapping. The Edit Metadata Field (Sub-Page) opens. The options are as described below.

Hide All Hide all fields in all panels from the current display. The fields are not deleted and remain available to users.

Show All Show all fields in all panels in the current display.


The name of each field is listed under its Panel. Panels are grouping of metadata fields which belong together. IMS will display the metadata fields in a Panel as a group on the File Console when viewing files so you can organise fields for better presentation to users. By default, your Third Light IMS software is supplied with two Panels: Primary Metadata and Secondary Metadata. These are generic, all-purpose panels and can be removed or replaced whenever you wish.

To edit an existing panel, click on its name. To make a new Panel, click 'Create Panel'.

The settings for a Panel are:

  • Panel name Enter the name you want to appear both on the current page and when file data is being displayed and new data entered. Bear in mind the name will need to display in the File Console, so very long names are not advised.
  • Include in metadata console view Determines whether data fields within the panel will be displayed on the File Console. If the panel is not displayed on the File Console, data for the field it groups together can still set or searched.

The Disabled Panel
The data fields listed here are hidden and deactivated. This data is not used by the search engine and disabled fields are not seen when editing metadata. However, if the fields are enabled again by moving them out of the Disabled Panel, the metadata in those fields will become active again.

Editing Metadata Fields

To access the page go to: Home > Configuration > Metadata. Select Create Metadata Field to create a new field or click the Edit button to modify an existing field. The settings are as follows:

  • Metadata type If you are creating or editing a field that was not supplied with your IMS LIbrary as a default, the value will be 'Custom' and cannot be changed. For IMS supplied fields the value will be 'Inbuilt IPTC/XMP Field'.
  • Metadata description A simple description for the field. It will be displayed in Search results and when file data is being displayed in the File Console.
  • Metadata panel Choose which Panel the metadata field should appear under.
  • Display Type Select the format of the field - dropdown, text, keywords, controlled keywords and date. Refer to Metadata Display Types for details about the choice.
  • File Type Restrictions Use this table to control to which types of file the metadata applies. For example, you can create fields that are used with video only - like a 'Duration' field.
  • IPTC and XMP Mappings (advanced). You may use this option to change the metadata bindings between the Third Light IMS metadata fields and other standards such as IPTC and XMP. For further details and before proceeding to use this feature please refer to IPTC and XMP Mapping in the Integration Notes.

Hide button Click this button to remove this data field from display and searches. The field will be moved into the Disabled Metadata panel. To re-enable it, select the field and place it in another panel using the Metadata panel dropdown

Controlled Vocabularies

When you have selected a list style field including dropdown, keywords, controlled keywords and tree, an additional tab appears labelled "Controlled Vocabulary". This tab enables you to manage the Controlled Vocabulary for that metadata field.

Additionally, an Actions tab appears. This tab enables you to specify how IMS should handle metadata in files being uploaded or when metadata is edited and the metadata is not in the Controlled Vocabulary. Refer to Metadata Display Types for details about the choice.

Metadata for Users and Groups You can assign a user access to all fields of metadata or you can limit access to selected fields only. For each field to which you give a user access, you can also specify if they can update it. Your in-house staff might be given access to all metadata while your partners in external organisations might be given only some of it, for example. Access to metadata is controlled using the metadata tab when updating a user account.

More About Metadata

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