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In order to ensure that only acceptable assets are added to your IMS Library, you can specify that uploads must be approved before they are processed.

When you enable approvals for a User, you also specify which User should approve their uploads. You can specify if any metadata entries are mandatory in conjunction with this manual approvals. This means that the files are presented with metadata already completed by the User performing the upload.

Upload Approvals Process

There are two optional stages to the process:

  1. User Stage - if Metadata Requirements have been set on their account (see below), the user performing the upload will be asked to review their files before the files can enter the library. The user will be sent an email to confirm the upload.
  2. Approver Stage - if a user account has been setup with the Approval required for uploads by this user option, nominated approvers must process the files before they enter the library. The approver will be notified that there are user files needing attention via an alert when they are logged into IMS and through an email

If files from a user can not be found after they have made an upload, please check the user account settings to determine if the the files are still at Stage 1 or 2

Uploads made by a user with Metadata Requirements must be processed by the user within a 14 day period to avoid automatic deletion. Uploads in the Approver Stage will remain indefinitely and are not subject to automatic deletion. The default deletion time limit of 14 days can be changed from the Configuration > Site Options > Uploads page

If you make a change to the Metadata Requirements of a user or group, uploads made from that point onwards will reflect your changes but pending uploads already in the system will continue to use the previous requirements.


Notifications to approvers of new uploads

If the 'approvals adminstrator' setting is set to 'Any user with permissions to approve files', only the person selected on the Configuration > Notifications > Uploads > Upload Approvals page will receive an email. If you wish multiple staff to receive this email, ask your IT team to setup an email alias e.g. that goes to all the members of your approval team. You could then add this email alias to Configuration > Notifications > Additional email addresses, then select

the alias from Configuration > Notifications > Uploads > Upload Approvals


When an upload is made that requires an approval, any designated approver can review the upload but the first approver to click on the link effectively "owns" that upload and becomes responsible for rejecting or approving them. Even though other designated approvers will still be able to see it, they won't be able to approve them as it is already "owned".

You can mitigate this by enabling "Upload Approvals only visible to nominated approver" from the Configuration > Site Options > Other Settings page. That way Upload Approvals "owned" by a specific user will not be visible to other users.


When uploads are waiting for approval, they can also be managed from the Tools > Approve Uploads menu by users who are assigned the right to approve uploads.

Enabling User Metadata Requirements

These can be set from Users > Users & Groups > Uploads > Metadata Requirements table

"Disabled" - The user will not need to enter or review metadata

"Available" - The user will be asked to review the metadata

"Required" - The user will be required to enter metadata and will not be able to submit the file otherwise

"Approver review" - The approver will be required to review the selected metadata fields

Enabling Upload Approvals

You can enable upload approvals for a User as follows:

  1. Select Users > Users & Groups
  2. Click on the User you wish to edit
  3. Open the Uploads tab
  4. Check the box name Approval required for uploads by this user
  5. Use the pull-down list of approvals administrators to select the approver for this User's upload.

Click Update User to save your settings.

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