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Introduction to this section

WHAT: The Workflow Module is an optional add-on which gives Chorus new functionality to handle requests by users to use or add content to a Space.

With the Workflow Module enabled, actions such as uploading, downloading or sharing files can be changed to require the approval of another user or group of users (for example, a Space manager). Certain actions (download, share as collection and share as link) can also be set to be automatically allowed as long as the users are leaving a note that is then recorded.

As approval requests need to be held for manual attention, the Workflow Module adds a tab to the dashboard where all requests are created and reviewed.

To see documentation on the Dashboard, go there.

WHY: Approval allows separate teams to collaborate when they need access to each other's content. For example, Workflows can be used to allow some users to view files, but require permission if they are to be downloaded. Workflow can also be used to ensure that when new files are moved into a Space, they have been reviewed and approved - meaning that the Space only contains content that is relevant and appropriate.

Requiring users to leave notes when files are downloaded or shared allows to keep track of where files end up once they leave the Space they are in, or even once they leave Chorus.

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