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Introduction to this page

Familiarize yourself with the significant features of the Workflow Dashboard

When the Workflow Module is enabled, users can go to the Tools menu, click on the Workflow Dashboard and view their inbound and outbound requests. The Workflow Dashboard is like an email inbox/outbox, where all activity related to workflow can be accessed in a convenient central tool.

Inbound requests are requests that the user can approve, and outbound requests are requests that someone else will have to approve.

Good to know: When a request requiring approval is created, if one of the users involved is not logged in, Chorus sends them an email to draw their attention to the dashboard. Whenever you're waiting for a request to be approved, you just need to look at the Workflow Dashboard.

Look out for the Workflow icon, which is a circle with three dots orbiting. This icon means that you are looking at a Workflow request:

Quick guide to the Dashboard

The Workflow Dashboard can be accessed at any time, by going to the Tools > Workflow Dashboard menu.

If you cannot see the Workflow Dashboard in the Tools menu, you may not have the Workflow Module enabled on your Chorus server. Please contact your account manager if you need help.

The Dashboard has six main components, as follows:

1 - Inbound

The Inbound tab contains requests which are for you to approve. For example, if you are a Manager of a Space and one of the users in that Space needs your approval, then when they make that request you will see it in the Inbound tab. The Inbound tab is discussed in more detail, below.

2 - Outbound

The outbound tab contains requests which you have made which will require approval. For example, if you are a user of a Space and have been placed in a role which requires approval to upload new files, then when you add files to the Space your request will appear in your Outbound tab until it has been approved or declined. The Outbound tab is discussed in more detail, below.

3 - Space filter

If you are a member of more than a few Spaces, you may wish to filter the view to only show requests in one of the Spaces. To do this, click on the appropriate Space on the left hand side of the page. To return to viewing all of the Spaces' requests in one list, click 'All'.

4 - Requested files

The right-hand pane shows the items which are being considered for approval. For example, if you upload files and your role requires approval, then the files you uploaded will be shown here in your Outbound tab (and in the approver's view, they will appear here but in their Inbound tab). Note that you can browse the files, just as if they were in a folder by double-clicking on them.

5 - Tools 

The tools on the right hand side are used to edit, add or remove files. For example, if you upload some files which require approval, you can use this menu to continue adding or removing files at any time before the request is approved. If you are reviewing an inbound request and need to make changes (for example, deleting a few unwanted files or adding metadata) then you can select files with a single-click, then use this menu to complete these tasks.

Inbound requests

The Inbound tab contains a list of requests from other users which you can approve. For further details please see: For approvers: resolving a request.

Outbound requests

The Outbound tab contains a list of requests you have made. For further details please see: For users: making a request.

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