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Introduction to this page

This page describes what to do when you make a request that requires approval.

Chorus may ask you to get approval for certain actions. This depends on how your user account is configured in a particular Space in your Chorus site. The manager of the Space may have set up some actions to require approval. For example, you may need to get approval to download, share or edit files, or to add files to the Space.

The Workflow icon is: .

When approval is required, Chorus will prompt you to create a request. You can then manage your request from the Workflow Dashboard, which is located in the Tools > Dashboard > Workflow tab. You can open the Workflow tab to track outstanding requests at any time.

You will receive email notifications when a request you have created changes status, so you do not need to worry if you are not logged in at the time.

How to use the Workflow Dashboard

Every time you create a request, it is displayed in the Outbound tab of the Workflow Dashboard. Make sure you are looking at the Outbound tab.

When you have opened the Outbound tab, you will see your request described in a block format, like this:

In this example, the request is to add files to the Marketing space. When "Send Request" is clicked, the approver (or approvers) for the Marketing space will get an alert to come and review your request. They may approve it right away, ask questions or require changes, or decline the request if it is unsuitable.

When your request is waiting for approval, you will see an hourglass icon:

When you request has been approved, you will see the "Approved" tick and your request is then complete.

To see what the approvers' page looks like in their Workflow tab, see For approvers: resolving a request

Getting approval to add files (upload)

Adding files happens whenever you move files or folders into a Space. This might be needed when, for example, you want to upload files or drag folders from somewhere else in Chorus, such as your Private Space.

If the destination has been configured to require approval, then you will be prompted to provided a reason for the upload. This should be a short message which will help the approver to understand what the files are for.

When you are ready, click "Upload". After this is done, you will need to wait while an approver checks your request. Look for email alerts when the status of your request changes.

Getting approval to use files

When you need to use a file and don't have permission to do so, use the "Request" action in the right-hand menu, then click "Usage Approval". This covers sharing, editing and all other permissions in a single process.

Note: you can select more than one file at a time (just single-click or tap on each thumbnail of the files you want to use, then click Request > Usage approval).

Other workflows can be available under the same button:

Next, you will see a form which asks "Why do you need this file?". You must provide two pieces of information; a reason for the request, and the type of use you require.

Enter an explanation. In the text box, enter a short reason, which will be seen by the approver and should help them understand your request.

Next, click on the set of permissions that you need. The options are:


View and View attachments (this does not create additional permissions with the request)

View and Share. You will be able to share, download, publish and create derivatives of the files if the request is approved.

View, share and edit. You will be able to share or edit the files if the request is approved. This includes changing metadata or deleting the files.
...Advanced options. You can use this to enable or disable individual permissions if you need a very specific set of permissions enabling.

Note: You can also click 'Add more people' at the bottom of this page, if you want to include other users in the request. This has the effect of making the request on their behalf and may be useful when you are helping a less experienced user, or creating a share for a whole Space.

When you are ready, click "Send Request". You will see a confirmation as follows:

Click "Open" if you want to see your request in the Workflow Dashboard. It will be listed under the Outbound tab and will be in the "Waiting" status with an hour glass:

You will now need to wait for an approver to check your request. At any time, you can check its status from the Tools > Workflow Dashboard menu, or if you are not logged in, Chorus will send you an email alert when the status of your request changes.

Downloading or Sharing files by leaving a note

When you need to share files, download them or share them in a link, use the "Request" action button, then click on the corresponding action.

Next, you will see a form which asks "Why do you need this file?"

Provide a reason and click on "send note"; your request will automatically be approved and your note will be recorded.

Once this process is finished you will receive access to the files themselves in a special Workflow collection in your private space.

This kind of collection is a Chorus share created by the Workflow system to provide the access that you requested. 

What happens when a request is approved?

Once your request has been approved, you will see a tick mark next to it in the Outbound tab of your Workflow Dashboard.

  • If you were adding files to the Space, when your request is approved they will appear where you started the upload request.
  • If you used the "Usage approval" action, when your request is approved you will receive access to the files in a special Workflow collection in your private space.

This can be identified as it will have the Workflow icon , as depicted below. This kind of collection is a Chorus share created by the Workflow system to provide the access that you requested. 

Changing a request

If you need to make changes (such as removing or adding files from a request), you can do this at any time before the request has been resolved by an approver.

Open the Workflow Dashboard.

Single-click on files in the right-hand pane, and then use the action buttons on the right-hand side of the page to edit, delete or view those files, exactly as you would do if the files were in a folder in Chorus.

You cannot edit a request that has already been approved or declined. After the request has been completed, you should start a new request instead.

Deleting a request

If you wish, you can remove a request that you have created. Open the Outbound tab for requests that you created. Next, highlight the request you wish to delete by clicking on it once (or tapping). Then, press the trashcan icon at the top of the list of requests. You will be asked to confirm if you want to delete the request before this action is finalized.

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