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Introduction to this page

This page describes what to do when you receive a request from a user which requires your approval.

Inbound approval requests appear in your Workflow tab. If you have approval to deal with, you'll also see a number next to "Tool" and then "Dashboard", until you resolve the requests.

You will also see a notification, and receive an email if you are not logged in at the time the request is created.

You can open the Workflow tab at any time from the Tools > Dashboard > Workflow tab

Inbound requests

The Inbound tab contains a list of requests from other users which you can approve.

Each request appears in a compact format, which is designed to be easy to work with as you become more experienced. The parts of the inbound approval you see are formed in the following way:

When you are ready to make your decision, there are three options you can use, based on the Green/Amber/Red traffic lights concept. Note that you can also click on the items in the view to make changes or get more detailed tooltips.

Option 1 (green): Approve the inbound request

To approve a request in your Inbound tab, click the green tick ("Approve") icon next to the request. The request is approved immediately; for example, if files were being added to the Space and the approval is completed, those files immediately appear in the Space. If the user requested use, a share is created immediately with the permissions agreed.

An email alert is created if the user is not logged in at the time the approval is completed.

Option 2 (amber): Returning the inbound request for changes

When an approval request arrives, there may be issues which need to be resolved. As the approver, you can add, edit or delete the files using the right-hand pane and tools, or you may need to send the request back to the requester for changes. The Workflow Dashboard allows you to do this (instead of deleting the request, which might lose the requester's work).

The amber "return" icon allows you to send the request back, with a short message. The message should help the requester understand what they must do. When the request is returned to the requester, they will receive an alert to let them know. 

Option 3 (red): Decline the inbound request

If you are sure that the request cannot be accepted, click on the red cross, and the request will be declined. You can enter a message for the requester if you wish, and they will receive an alert about the rejection of the request. 

If the user was trying to add files to the Space, and the request is rejected, then those files will be moved to the recycling bin.

Viewing or modifying the contents of a request

As the approver, you are free to make changes to a request before you approve it. This is done using the right-hand pane, where the files are listed. For example, if you want to approve only the first three of the files that this user has uploaded and require approval, single-click on the file you do not want to approve and click 'Delete' in the tools. The file will be removed. The remaining three files can then be approved; this is often quicker than asking the user to make a new request.

Deleting a request

If you wish, you can remove a request that you have created or received. Open the Inbound tab to view requests sent to you for approval (or open the Outbound tab for requests that you created).

Next, highlight the request you wish to delete by clicking on it once (or tapping). Then, press the trashcan icon at the top of the list of requests. You will be asked to confirm if you want to delete the request before this action is finalized.

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