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Introduction to this page

The Enhanced Performance Module has no configuration options.

This module is provided as part of the managed hosting services provided by Third Light. It is only available in the Chorus and Chorus Plus packages (not Amazon regional hosting). It is not applicable to the Data Center Edition, which uses dedicated resources.

Enhanced queuing resources

Chorus sites use a managed queue to handle work such as processing new uploads, preparing downloads and work on resizing content. The queue is processed by a large pool of servers for our customers. The total amount of resource that your Chorus site can use at once is increased when the Enhanced Performance Module is purchased, meaning that more work from your queue will be processed in less time. This is particularly significant for sites which handle a lot of uploads, or uploads which regularly include large video content.

Content Delivery Network

Third Light uses the CloudFront Content Delivery Network (CDN) to accelerate network access for our users. By bringing the content closer to your point of access to the internet, overall latency (round-trip times) and bandwidth are noticeably better. The Enhanced Performance Module allows all uploads and downloads to be transferred via the CDN, resulting in faster transfers.

Higher file size limits

The Enhanced Performance Module increases the maximum file sizes that Chorus will process.

Adobe PSDGeneral image formatsJPEG
Without EPM2048MB512MB100MB
With EPM4096MB1024MB256MB

This additional capacity allows customers with extremely large or complex assets to store and preview those files in Chorus.

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