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Introduction to this section

WHAT: Site admins can configure Chorus to use external authentication, for example via directories (LDAP) or federated login services (SSO or Single Sign-On, via SAML2).

When configured correctly, an external authentication systems allows users to login and, optionally, gain permissions to use parts of Chorus depending on which groups they are in in that external system.

The Authentication Module requires access to a external resources and will require the involvement of an expert in your IT department.

The Authentication Module is an optional add-on, and may not be included in your license. If you do not have the Authentication Module, to ask for further details or to purchase this module, please speak to your account manager at Third Light or email [email protected]

WHY: Large organizations rely on centralized authentication systems to avoid duplication of user accounts, and to standardize permissions across applications. Chorus integrates with external authentication technologies to support this requirement.

Before you continue!

Please be prepared for an IT project when you use the Authentication Module. You will need to ensure you have all the right people involved in your own organization: using the Authentication Module means many aspects of user account management in Chorus will be connected to systems controlled by your IT department. You will need to liaise with them when your system is first configured, and some of the systems involved are likely to be complex.

Additional guidance: D9.6 Hints and Tips for Administrators: understanding the Authentication Module

FAQ: See items prefixed with 'SSO'

If you are an IT professional consulting this documentation prior to a deployment, please communicate with administrators of the Chorus system when you setup external authentication as decisions may need to be made on what should be done with existing internally authenticated users and to manage Chorus role mappings. Please also be aware that Third Light support cannot resolve issues that are related to the configuration of 3rd party software.

Thank you for your understanding!

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