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Introduction to this page

User impersonation is a powerful site admin tool.

It should be used infrequently and with respect.

In cases of troubleshooting and problem-solving, site admins can impersonate another user to access their home space, membership to other spaces, and recycling bin. Only site admins can impersonate other Chorus users.

Be aware: When you impersonate a user, they will receive an automated email notification of the event. This cannot be bypassed.


1. Click Admin at the top of Chorus and sign in to elevate.

2. Choose Teams > Users from the Admin menu. The Users modal will open.

3. Double-click a user's name. Their profile settings modal will open.

4. Click the ellipsis (...) in the Actions box at the right of the modal to reveal a hidden button.

5. Click the Impersonate This User button. The home space of this user will open. You are now impersonating this user and all of your actions will be attributed to their account.

You will now be working as the impersonated user. 

Good to know: While you are impersonating another user, Chorus will display a colored highlight (see below).

This is a visual reminder that you are signed in as that user and must sign out as soon as your business is concluded.

Click the user's profile avatar in the top right-hand corner of Chorus to reveal a de-impersonate button.

7. Click de-impersonate to return to your own profile and home space. Continue to work as yourself. 


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