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Introduction to this page

A user's home space is the most important space in which they belong. 

It is usually the space they interact with them most and is often a space for their department or team.

The metadata catalog and download catalog of a user's private space is determined by their home space. A user without a home space will use the site level catalogs.

For more, see About: A user's home space.


1. Click Admin at the top of Chorus and sign in to elevate.

2. Choose Teams > Users from the Admin menu. The Users modal will open.

3a. Drag and drop a user in another space.

3b. OR Double-click a user's name in the modal.

Their profile settings modal will open.

4. In the Home field, click Change Home.

A Select Home modal will open.

5. Select the space which will become this user's home space from the dropdown menu. 

6. Click Save.

The user will now appear listed under their home space in the Admin > Users list. 

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