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Introduction to this page

There is no limit to the number of user accounts that can be created for your Chorus site.

1. First, create a new user (below).
2. If required, Assign the user's home space. If you follow only the steps on this page, the user will have no primary space (which may be useful if they are a site admin).


1. Click Admin at the top of Chorus and sign in to elevate.

2. Choose Teams > Users from the Admin menu. The Users modal will open.

Here, you will see all the users of your site listed beneath their home spaces. Their name, description, and consumption of site storage capacity is detailed.

TIP: To see and edit an existing user's profile, double-click on their name in this list.

3. Click the Create New User person symbol in the top-right corner of the Users modal.

A New User modal will open.

4. Enter a Name for the user.


5. Click in the Username field, and an automated username will appear.

A user's username is generated by Chorus based on the letters in the name of the user. All usernames must be unique. If identical to another username, Chorus will prompt you to create a variation. Once created and saved, a username cannot be changed.

6. Enter a Description for the user. This is an optional field that can be used to detail a user's job title or organizational role.

7. Enter a unique and active email address for this user. This email will be used for password resets and notifications and will be visible to other users within Chorus.

8. Select a Home space for the user.

What is a Home Space?

A user’s Home space is the space that is most important to the user. 

It is usually a team or department space.

It is where a user get's their default settings from: metadata catalogue, download presets, site theme.

9. Customize the profile avatar for this user, or skip these fields to apply an automatic avatar. 

What is a user’s automatic avatar?

A user’s avatar is the circular graphic that represents them in the site. An automatically generated avatar consists of initials taken from a user's name, and a color background (Avatar Color).

To customize the automatic avatar, you can

  • Enter Avatar Initials. 
  • Select a Custom Avatar Color

Alternatively, set the Automatic Avatar switch to off to upload an image or graphic into the circular user avatar field.

9. Unless you want to make this user a site admin, leave the Administrate Site box un-checked.

10. Click Create.

The new user will now appear in the Admin > Users modal. 


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