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Introduction to this page

The Third Light Browser for WordPress integrates your existing Third Light site with a WordPress site, and allows users to browse, crop and use images from your Third Light Chorus site directly in WordPress posts.

The plugin was tested with WordPress 4.9.5. If you use it with a later build, do please let know so we can update our records. Thank you!


  1. Download the plugin from
  2. In the WordPress administration menu, click Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugins > Upload the > Install > Activate. Alternatively, copy the plugin folder into your WordPress installation's /wp-content/plugins directory.
  3. In your WordPress administration menu, navigate to the Plugins menu and activate the Third Light Browser plugin that will now be listed.
  4. Having activated the plugin, a new sub-menu under the Settings menu will appear, named Third Light Browser. Click on this, and enter a valid URL to your Third Light instance. Other settings are optional. 

Now, when you create or edit a post, a new button will be available next to the WordPress Media button, which opens the Third Light browser. This browser provides a window into your Third Light instance, and allows you to browse, select, and crop images before inserting them into your WordPress post.

Additional Configuration

Once installed, additional configuration is possible in the Third Light Browser settings menu (Settings -> Third Light Browser).

Output formats denote the sizes and formats of image that you can export images into WordPress from your Third Light Chorus site. Some example formats are preset, but new formats can easily be added or removed. This provides a consistency to the images that are exported to WordPress.

For each format, you can specify:

  • Name - used to identify the output option inside the CMS browser
  • Width - desired width (in pixels) of the output format
  • Height - desired height (in pixels) of the output format
  • Format - image file format to use
  • CSS Class - optional default CSS class to add to images inserted using this output format.

By setting automatic login to use a username or email address unique to a user in your Third Light Chorus site, and then providing an API Key the Third Light Browser will automatically log in as that user, bypassing the need to manually do so.

Chorus User accounts that you intend to use with the Third Light Browser module will need to have the 'publish'  permission.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Third Light Media button is greyed out on the add/edit post page, how can I enable it?

If the Third Light Media button is greyed out, it means that one or more of your settings is incorrect. The primary cause of this is that the URL has not been set, or is no longer valid. Navigate to Settings -> Third Light Browser, and make sure that the URL to your Chorus site is valid. The plugin will attempt to verify this when you click Save, and will notify you if the URL appears to be incorrect.

I am using a custom text editor in WordPress, will this plugin work with it?

As long as the third party text editor implements the standard WordPress hook ( to allow text to be inserted into it, it should work just as well as the native editor.

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