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Introduction to this page

Move an item into a different space.

When you move a file or folder into a different space, you may also be changing its ownership to someone else.

Moving a file will inherit the metadata values of its new space.


1. Switch to double pane view to move items.

2. Open the original space in one viewing pane.

3. Open the destination space in the second pane.

4. Drag and drop the item from its original location into the second pane.

An alert will appear to confirm this action. You may be transferring ownership of this item to another space.

5. Click Proceed.

Good to know: When you move a file into a different space, all of the metadata embedded in the file remains embedded.

However, the metadata panels of the new space will determine whether this metadata is seen, or unseen in the space.

Move the file back to its original location, and its original metadata will be seen again in that space’s metadata panels. For more on this, see About metadata panels.

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