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Introduction to this page

You can directly share a folder to collaborate with an other user. It will appear in both users' accounts.

The folder will not move. It remains in its original location for you. It will also appear in the the other user's private space.

An indicator that the folder is being shared will appear in the bottom right corner.

You can control what other users can do with the shared folder by setting permissions for each user you share it with.


1. Select a single folder you would like to share. 

2. Click on the Share Action 

3. Choose Folder Share

4. Drag and drop any users you would like to share with

5. Set a permission for the user

6. Alternatively, select individual permissions for the user

Using a folder that has been shared with you:

Shared folders will appear in your private space.

They will have two arrows in the bottom right corner.

You can find out what you are allowed to do with the contents by checking the permissions in the banner above the contents.

If you need to see the details of each permission you can click on the three dots.

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