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Introduction to this page

With private collections, users can create their own file playlists without restrictions.

Any file they can see, they can add to any number of private collections in their private space, regardless of what permissions they have on them. Those permissions will be kept in these private collections. 


1. In your private space, click New in the right-hand sidebar. A drop-down menu will appear.

Choose Private Collection from the menu. A New Private Collection will appear in the active pane.

2. Name the private collection and click Create.

From here, adding to a private collection works the same as adding to a normal collection. What is different though is that a user only needs “view” permissions on a file to be able to add it to a private collection. 

3. Switch to double pane view. For more on this, see Work with double viewing panes

Drag files you want to add to your private collection from one pane into the second pane and into the private collection. 

3bis. Another way to add files to a private collection is to select the files and click Add to Collection in the right-hand sidebar.

4. A folder picker will appear. Select a private collection in your private space, or create a new private collection using the bottom left button. Click Select to add the files.

You can add files from multiple spaces, no matter the permissions.

Private collections cannot be shared with other users or spaces. The files inside of a private collection may be shared directly, as long as the user has the “share” permission on them.

TIP: You can drag a private collection into your Favorites list in the left-hand sidebar of Chorus to simplify this task. As you find additional files that you like, drag them into this Favorite private collection. Private collections act as your own personal grab bags for Chorus! In just a few clicks, you can organise your personal selections of files and make sure you have the files you need, where you need them.

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