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Introduction to this page

Collections offer a flexible way to gather and preview ideas, without handling or moving any original files.

Collections are temporary folders that contain only references to original files, and not the files themselves. This means you do not need to move or change the way files are seen by other users, for example.


1. In any location where you have Upload permission, click New in the right-hand sidebar. A drop-down menu will appear.

2. Choose Collection from the menu. A New Collection will appear in the active pane.

3. Rename the collection as you would a folder. See Rename a folder

Switch to double pane view. For more on this, see Work with double viewing panes

5. Drag files you want to add to your collection from one pane into the second pane and collection. To add a file to a collection you need all permissions except “delete” on the files you are adding, as well as in the space where the collection is located.

TIP: You can drag a collection into your Favorites list in the left-hand sidebar of Chorus to simplify this task. As you find additional files that you like, drag them into this Favorite collection.

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