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Introduction to this page

Chorus provides a file attachment tool to help you attach a file or files to other files. If you need to update a file which has been used in many attachments, use the "Replace file" feature to create a revision.

By using "Replace file", all existing attachments are preserved, and your changes will take effect without requiring extensive manual effort.

Updating an attachment


1. First, double-click on the file which has been attached. There will be a paperclip which shows that the file has been attached.

2. In the right-hand toolbox, click "Replace...". 

Note that you must have the "Edit" permission to complete this task. 

3. Follow the steps to replace the file. If you need help on how to complete this step, there is more information, here: B7.2 Upload to replace a file.

The replacement takes place immediately, and will affect all files that have the attachment.

Need to go back? You can revert to the previous revision at any time from the Revisions tab on the file. Previous revisions offer an 'Activate' button which will reinstate them. The previous revision is not deleted unless the "Delete" button is used.

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