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Introduction to this page

Chorus provides a file attachment tool to help you attach a file or files to other files. When you view a file, Chorus will highlight if the file is attached to another file, or has attachments.

Attachments are prominent, to help users take note of any attachments (for example, consent forms or legal PDFs related to the use of the file).

Viewing an attachment


1. First, double-click on the file which has an attachment. There will be a paperclip which shows that the file has an attachment.

2. Either click the file, and go to the "Attachments" menu in the toolbox, or click on the paperclip icon in the top right-hand corner of the file. You can click the paperclip directly, or use the menus - whichever is more convenient for your device.

3. The file or files which have been attached are now displayed, and you can navigate and view them. In the breadcrumb navigation, Chorus will display a paperclip icon to help you recognise that the files are attachments.

Viewing which files are using an attachment

You may need to view which files use an attachment, for example, to check which files use a particular consent form. Chorus lets you view attachments this way, too.


1. First, double-click on the file which has been used as an attachment. There will be an outbound arrow and paperclip which shows that the file has been attached.

2. In the console view, you will notice a blue paperclip icon (top right) and, on the info tab, you will see a box which states that the file has been attached.

3. Click the "Details" button, or go to the attachments tab (paperclip icon) to view the files using this attachment.

4. The files that use this attachment are listed. Click on their thumbnails to view the files, or click "Edit" if you wish to make any changes (e.g. to remove the attachment from a file).

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