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Introduction to this page

Recovering content from a deleted space

A space once deleted can't be restored although its contents can be assuming that your bin has not yet been emptiedUsers can only restore content from their own bins.

Note to site admins: To recover content deleted by a user user, first impersonate the user.


1. Click Bin at the bottom of the left-hand sidebar of Chorus.

2. The space will appear as a folder i.e.the space won't exist any more but the content that was in it will be available inside a recovery folder.The description (second row on the folder icon) will start with 'Deleted space contents..'.

3. Click Restore in the right-hand sidebar.

4. The folder will now appear in the user's Private Space

5. Manually recreate the space, assigning roles,permissions and users as required.

6. Move the content from the folder in the recycle bin into the newly re-created space.

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