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Introduction to this page

Managers can delete a space when it is no longer needed.

You cannot drag a space into the bin. It must be deleted via the Manage Space modal.

Consider: Before deleting a space, consider the value of moving some of its files into other spaces within your site. For guidance on this, see Move files into or out of a space.


1. Select the space you want to delete.

2. Click Manage → This Space in the right-hand sidebar. The Manage Space modal will open. 

3. Click the ellipsis (...) at the bottom of the Actions box on the right-hand side of the modal.

4. Choose Delete This Space.

An alert will appear to confirm that you want to delete this space.

5. Click Delete.

The space will disappear from the home spaces of its members and managers.

It has been moved into your recycling bin. To find it there, see Restore a space from the bin

Good to know: Where a space is a primary space for one or more users, these users will not be deleted with the space. They will appear in the site as having ‘No primary space’. Site admins can relocate these users into new primary spaces.


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