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Introduction to this page

The metadata fields available on all files in a space are managed in the metadata catalog of that space.

Only managers of a space can edit its metadata catalog.

Metadata fields include captions, credits, dates, or special instructions. See more details at About: Metadata fields.

First, open the metadata catalog of a space:

1. Select the space you want to manage.

2. Click Manage → This Space in the right-hand sidebar. The Manage Space modal will open.

3. Click Metadata Catalog in the Actions box on the right-hand side of the modal. The Metadata Catalog for this space will open.

Step-by-step: Create a new metadata field

1. Choose the Fields tab of the metadata catalog modal.

2. Click Add a Field. A New Field modal will open.

Edit the field settings: 

Field Settings Explained
Field nameThe field name tells users about the metadata they should enter in this field. Eg. ‘Sales Keywords or ‘Expiry Date’.
Display type

Choose the display format for this field.

Format options are Date, Date & Time, Text, Dropdown, Keywords and Tree.

Examples of these can be seen at page: About metadata fields.

Metadata key name

If this this does not autofill, enter a short string of characters to identify this field.

Third party API integrations will require this value.

XMP path

To map this field to XMP standards, enter a Chorus XMP Tag here.

For a full list, see page: Map metadata fields to XMP standards

Exif field

To map this field to Exif (Exchangeable image file format) standards, enter an Exif tag here.

Eg. ImageWidth, Make, Model, Compression. 

General Search settingsAllow or disallow this field to be searched in a global search.
Advanced (Refined) Search settingsAllow or disallow this field to be searched in a refined search.
Facets settingsAllow or disallow this field to be included for browsing with facets in search results.
Field Types SupportedThis metadata field will be made available on files of this type.

4. Click Save

5. If this field offers a controlled vocabulary, a Vocabulary button will appear.

See About: Controlled vocabularies for more. 

Step-by-step: Edit an existing metadata field

1. Choose the Panels tab of the metadata catalog.

2. Click the triangle symbol at the left-hand side of the panel which houses the field you want to edit. The panel's fields and options will appear.

3. To change a field: Click Edit in the top left-hand side of the modal, or double-click on the field. An edit field modal will open. 

4. To remove a field from a panel, select the field and click Delete (trashcan) in the top right-hand side of the modal.

5. Click Save. The form is saved.

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Looking for the controlled vocabulary of a field? 

Keyword, dropdown, and tree field types all have their own controlled vocabularies. To edit these, see About: Controlled vocabularies.