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Introduction to this page

The metadata that users can see or edit on files in a space is dictated by the panels active in the metadata catalog of that space.

Only managers of a space can edit its metadata catalog.

Metadata panels are made up of fields. To manage a field of a metadata catalog, see Create or edit the fields of a space metadata catalog.

First, open the metadata catalog of a space:

1. Select the space you want to manage.

2. Click Manage → This Space in the right-hand sidebar. The Manage Space modal will open.

3. Click Metadata Catalog in the Actions box on the right-hand side of the modal. The Metadata Catalog for this space will open.

Step-by-step: Create a new metadata panel

1. Choose the Panels tab of the metadata catalog.

2. Click Create Panel (+ sign in the top right). A new, empty metadata panel will appear.

3. Give the panel a short name. Press Return on your keyboard to save. 

 Add a field to the panel: Select a field type from the dropdown menu and click the plus symbol.

For details on each of the field types that come prepackaged with a Chorus site, see About metadata fields.

5. Add additional fields to the panel as above. Click the plus symbol to add each field to a panel.

6. Check the Share this panel box to make this panel available for other site users to add to their own space metadata catalogs.



8. Click Save.

Step-by-step: Edit a metadata panel

1. Choose the Panels tab of the metadata catalog.

2. To edit an existing panel, click the triangle symbol at the left-hand side of the panel. Its fields and options will appear.

3. To rename a selected panel, click Edit in the top left-hand side of the modal.

4. To delete a selected panel, click Delete (trashcan icon) in the top left-hand side of the modal.

Created a panel but can't view it on the file?

Empty metadata panels cannot be seen on a file when it is being viewed. To see all panels available on a file, and to add metadata to these, select the file and click Edit in the right-hand sidebar.


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