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Introduction to this page

Add and edit keyword tags, captions, and other metadata to all files in a space at the same time.

Edit the metadata of a space, and it will apply to all files in its subspaces and folders.

Only managers of a space can apply metadata at the space level.

Good to know: Metadata can also be applied at a folder level. For more on this, see Edit metadata on all files in a folder.


1. Select the space you want to edit.

2. Click Manage → This Space in the right-hand sidebar. The Manage Space modal will open.

3. Choose the Metadata tab at the top of the modal.

4. Edit the metadata fields as you wish.

These edits will be applied to all of the files, folders, and subspaces within this space. 

5. To add panels to the metadata, select an available panel from the dropdown menu in the ‘Add panel’ section and click Add.

Note that the panels available in this dropdown menu are those that have been made available in the metadata catalog of this or a parent space. This will include the site metadata catalog. To add panel options to this list, see Create or edit the panels of a space metadata catalog

6. Click Save.

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