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Introduction to this page

Change the location of a space and it will inherit from its new parent space.

When you change the location of a space, you may also be moving it into the flow of a different cascade of metadata.

As a result, its metadata catalogdownload catalog, and the metadata applied to its files may change.

You can only move a space into other spaces in which you have upload permission.

Spaces can't be put into folders.

Only site admins can change a space’s location to the site level. They must first elevate to perform this action.

Good to know: if you have permission to, you can simply drag a space and drop it into a new location.

Step-by-step, drag & drop:

1. Open dual pane mode

2. In one pane, browse to the space you want to move

3. In another pane, browse to where you want to move the space to (not that spaces cannot be moved into folders but they can be moved into other spaces)

4. drag the space from one pane to the other

Step-by-step, using the space manager:

1. Select the space you want to manage.

2. Click Manage Space in the right-hand sidebar. The Manage Space modal will open.

3. Choose the Settings tab of the modal.

4. Click the Change Location button.

A Change Location modal will open.

5. Select the destination location for this space from the dropdown menu.

6. Click Save.

You will be returned to the Manage Space modal.

7. Click Save in the modal.

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