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Introduction to this page

Create a new space or subspace to manage files and teams.

The creator of a space is automatically a manager of that space. For more, see About: Types of spaces.

Good to know: You can only create a new space or subspace in your home space, or a parent space where you are already manager. For more, see Understand your role and permissions in a space.


1. Click in the parent location for the new space.

2. Click New Space in the right-hand sidebar. 

3. Enter a short Name for the space.

4. Enter a short Description of the space. This will appear below its name in most panes and is optional.

5. Choose to customize the avatar for this space or use an automatic avatar. 

Enable the Automatic Avatar switch to the ‘off’ position to override the automatic avatar and create a custom avatar. 

To customize the automatic avatar, you can

  • a. Enter Avatar Initials. Enter characters here to override the automatic initials taken from the name of your space. 
  • b. Select a Custom Avatar Color.

Alternatively, upload an image or graphic into the space avatar field.

7. See the Location of the parent for this space. 

After saving this space, a button will appear to Change Location. For more, see Change the location of a space.

8.  If this is a top-level space, you will be offered the choice of "Allow inbound shares". Uncheck this if you wish to prevent non-members of this Space from sharing content into the Space. This can be used, for example, to make the Space behave as a read-only library without the risk of changes related to collaborative shares being added.

9. Check User Creation to permit other managers of this space to create new Chorus user accounts. This space will be the primary space for any newly created users.

Only site admins can access this function.

10. Click Save.

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