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Introduction to this page

Remove a metadata keyword from a file in any space where you have edit permission.

To know if you have permission to edit files in a space, see the banner of the viewing pane in which the space is open.


1. Select the file you want to edit.

2. Click Edit in the right-hand sidebar. The console will open.

3. See the keyword tags already embedded in this file in the keywords field. 

Keyword tags will feature a small 'x' beside them if they can be removed from this file. 

4. Click once on a keyword tag to remove it from the file.

Click Save.

6. Click Back in the top left-hand corner of the console to close the view/edit console. 

Good to know: Removing a keyword tag from a metadata field does not necessarily remove this keyword from the field's vocabulary. For more, see About: Vocabularies


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