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Introduction to this page

This page explains how to tag (add metadata to) a small selection of multiple files.

Select multiple files and manually edit the metadata of each file, all in the preview.

If instead, you want to apply the same metadata to multiple files at once, see:


1. Select multiple files by clicking each file once.

The total number of files in your selection is shown as a number in the right-hand sidebar of Chorus.

2. Click Edit in the right-hand sidebar. A dropdown menu will appear.

3. Choose Edit from the menu. 

The preview will open.

Notice all of your selected files arranged in a thumbnails carousel at the bottom of the preview.

4. Hover over a file to see arrows for clicking through the files in your selection. Alternatively, click on each file in the thumbnail carousel to view it. 

5. Click the cross in the top right-hand corner of a thumbnail to remove it from a group for editing. 

6. Click the plus symbol in the view tools to add files to a group for editing. Click the minus symbol to remove a file from the group.

7. Edit the metadata of each file independently. For details on tagging files with metadata, see Tag a File.

8. Click Save on each file after editing. 

9. Click Back in the top left-hand corner of the screen to close the preview. 

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