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Introduction to this page

Replace an existing file with an uploaded file.

You can replace files in any space where you have permission to Edit. For more details on permissions, see Understand your role and permissions in a space.

Replacing a file creates a new version of the file. The previous version can be restored at a later time.

Good to know: Replacing a file can only be done on an individual basis and not with multiple files simultaneously.


1. Select the file you want to replace.

2. Click Replace in the right-hand sidebar. 

A Replace File dialog box will appear.

3. You are asked: 'When replacing the file, also replace the metadata?' Choose Yes or No, then click Next. A browser file list will appear.

Select the file you want to upload and replace the existing file. Click Open.


The replacement file will appear in the location of the replaced file.

Note that because the replacement file will most likely have a different file name to the replaced file, it may appear in a different part of the active pane, according to the way in which files are sorted in this pane.

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