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Introduction to this page

See previous versions of a changed file, and restore these versions to current, in the preview.

Whenever changes are made to a file that would affect how it downloads – including any editing of its metadata – Chorus retains a copy of the old version of the file.

Access a previous version, and restore it to current, in the Revisions tab of the preview.


1. Select the file you want to view. 

2. Click View in the right-hand sidebar or double-click on the file. The preview will open.

3. Choose the Revisions tab of the preview. 

An entry is made into the revisions log when any type of change is made to a file include the following:

  • Changes to its metadata
  • Changes to its rotation
  • Replacement of the file

4. Click Activate on a previous version of a file to undo recent changes, and make this version the most current version. 

5. Click Delete on a previous version to erase it. 

6. Click Back in the top left-hand corner of the screen to close the preview. 

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