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Introduction to this page

See all activity related to a file in the preview.

A record of changes made to a file is automatically recorded by Chorus and shown in the Activity tab. It is possible to search for specific events or users if needed.

Good to know: Users can see more activity in the Activity tab of the Dashboard. For more, go to the Dashboard.

Site admins can also see complete audit logs of all user activity. For more, go to View user activity in audit logs.


1. Select the file you want to view. 

2. Click View in the right-hand sidebar or double-click on the file. The preview will open.

3. Choose the Activity tab of the preview. 

All activity regarding the file is recorded here, such as if it was downloaded, shared, edited etc…

The search bar at the top allows users to make specific searches, for example for all downloads, or activity done by a certain user.

Users can leave notes on activity events that refer to their actions by clicking on the button. 

By clicking on the cog icon and then on the check box it’s possible to only show activity events when a note was left.

 Click Back in the top left-hand corner of the screen to close the preview and go back to the container. 

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