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Introduction to this page

See a file's GPS coordinates in the Preview.

GPS coordinates about the location that a file was created may have been embedded in the file by the camera or audio equipment that created it. 

If this is the case, and this data has not been manually overwritten or deleted, these coordinates will be displayed in the Location tab of the preview, with a link to this location in Google Maps.

Note: Your site administrator may need to manually add a free Google API key for your site to use Google Maps. See Configure site with Google Maps.


1. Select the file you want to view. 

2. Click View in the right-hand sidebar or double-click on the file. The preview will open.

3. Choose the Location tab of the preview. 

Good to know: It is possible to overwrite the GPS data embedded in a file. For more, see Import and export metadata for a folder.

4. Click Back in the top left-hand corner of the preview to close the view/edit preview. 

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