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Introduction to this page

Open the Preview to see a file and all of its details.

In the Preview you can:

  • Zoom into and rotate image files.
  • Move a file within the viewing space.
  • Read multi-page documents and PDFs.
  • Listen to audio files and adjust volume.
  • View video files and scrub through previews with a playbar.

To open multiple files in the Preview, see View multiple files.


1. Select the file you want to view. 

2. Click View in the right-hand sidebar or double-click on the file. 

The view/edit Preview will open to the Info tab.

Here you will see a preview of the file, and a column of file information:

  • The file name. 
  • The keyword tags attached to the file. 
  • The location of the file in your Chorus site. This is the parent space that owns this file. 
  • Your permissions on this file.
  • The reference number of the file. This is a unique Chorus identifier automatically generated for the file. 
  • The dimensions of the file. 
  • The file size.
  • The option to generate a direct URL (+ Embed code for video files) if you have permission to do so.
  • Usage statistics for this file.

 Adjust the zoom slider in the view tools to zoom in on a file. 

4. Click the rotate buttons in the view tools to rotate the file 90-degrees. 

5. Click Back in the top left-hand corner of the Preview to close the Preview. Alternatively, just press Escape on your keyboard.

TIP: Adjust the width of the file details column using the resizer on right-hand side of the file preview. To hide or show the column, click the sidebar button in the view tools.

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