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1. Click in a viewing pane to make it active.

2. Click the eye symbol at the top right-hand corner of the pane. The pane view menu will open.

You can use the checkboxes against metadata fields to alter the sort ordering. 

In pinboard view, only one field can be checked. In List View, however, instead of sorting these checkboxes control which columns of metadata are displayed, and multiple fields can be checked.

 Choose from  pane layouts:

A. Pinboard
B. List

Note that the list of options in the pane view menu will change according to the layout you choose here. These are detailed below.


4. Slide the Zoom tool at the bottom of the pane view menu to adjust the size of file icons and space avatars. 

5. Check Reverse sort? to reverse the order of items shown in this pane. 

6. Check Folders First? to display folders above files (uncheck if you prefer to show them combined).

 7. Check Facets Everywhere? to show facets on this pane at all times. 

8. Check Show Banners? to show viewing pane banners for this pane.

9. Choose one of the Thumbnail style options. This affects how Chorus uses padding to make best use of space.

10. Choose a transparency style by selecting white, check or dark check. This is helpful when you store transparent PNG images, for example.


Good to know: The settings you choose here will remain active on this pane until you change them. When you choose a sort field, Chorus uses natural sorting, meaning the number 2 is sorted lower than the number 10, for example, so you do not have to add padding zeros to numbers.

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