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Introduction to this page

Banners show information about what is being viewed in a pane.

At the top of every viewing pane is a banner that shows information about the spacefoldercollection, or smart collection that is open in that pane. 

The banner will tell you:

  • What you are viewing in this pane and which parent space owns these items. 
  • Who the managers and members of this space are. 
  • What permissions you have to work with the files here: Symbols indicate if you can view, share, or edit.

For more banner info:

1. Click the ellipsis (...) to see the complete list of your permissions, including: upload, delete, share, and publish. 

2. Click on a user profile avatar in a banner to see that user's profile. 

4. To turn banners off or on, click the eye symbol at the top of your viewing pane to reveal view options. Check or un-check Show Banners? 

More on permissions:

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