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Introduction to this page

Panels are groupings of metadata fields.

The panels applied to a space determine what metadata fields are seen in the space.

Panels are created, edited, and disabled in a space's metadata catalog.


Panels can be thought of as windows into a file’s total metadata.

For example, in Space A, a 'Sales Comments' panel is active. 

  1. Move the file to Space B, where the 'Sales Comments'  panel is inactive, and this metadata will be hidden. 
  2. Move the file to Space C, where the 'Sales Comments' panel is active, and the metadata will again be visible

Why does Chorus work this way? 

Per-space metadata panels:

  • Allow users to focus on the metadata that matters to them;
  • Provide privacy for internal file management;
  • Enrich digital assets by encouraging users to add more and better metadata to files.

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Metadata panels are
groups of metadata fields

The panels of a space's metadata catalog determine
what metadata is seen on files in that space.




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