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Introduction to this page

What is a metadata catalog?

Every space in a Chorus site has its own metadata catalog. This is a menu of the metadata panels and fields that are applied to all files and folders in that space.

Like metadata itself, a space's metadata catalog will cascade down
 to apply to all the spaces, folders, and files located beneath it in the site’s hierarchy, unless this inheritance is manually disabled.

What are the panels and fields of a metadata catalog? 

Fields are where metadata values are added to a fileThis metadata may take the format of text, numbers, or keywords. For more, see About: Metadata fields

Panels are groupings of fields. Fields are grouped together in panels according to their usefulness to a project or team. Panels are given names for ease of use. For more, see About: Metadata panels

Who manages metadata catalogs? 

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  Every space has a metadata catalog.

The metadata catalog is a menu
of the metadata panels and fields
that will appear on the files in this space. 


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