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Introduction to this page

All spaces are subject to the same cascading metadata flow of your Chorus site. Every space has its owmetadata catalog and download catalog 

About: The site

The whole of your Chorus site. 

  • The site encompasses all spaces, all users, and all folders and files. Everything! 
  • Site settings and catalogs are administrated by site admins
  • Site metadata and download settings will cascade down and apply to all spaces, folders, and files within it. 

About: Site spaces

These are spaces anchored at the top of the site hierarchy. 

  • Only site admins can create top-level spaces or elevate existing spaces to site-level.
  • Metadata added to a top-level space will cascade down and apply to all files, folders, and subspaces that are nested within it. 
  • When a user is assigned to their primary space, it is likely to be a top-level space. 

About: Private spaces

Every Chorus account-holder has a private space.

  • The private space gives users an area for their personal storage which no-one else can see.
  • Private spaces inherit their metadata and download settings from the home space to which a user belongs.  
  • For more, see About: The private space.

Private Sub-spaces

  • You can create private sub-spaces within your Private Space
  • Private sub-spaces will never appear in the Site Spaces
  • Private sub-spaces will inherit their metadata and download settings from the Private Space 

About: Home spaces

Every Chorus account-holder can have a home space.

  • The home space is the space that is most important for that user.
  • A Home space is usually a collaborative spaces for a department or team.
  • A user's metadata catalogs, download presets and theme come from their Home.

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The types of Chorus spaces