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Introduction to this page

A user's home space is the most important space in which they belong.

The home space is determined when a new user is created.

This will most likely, but not necessarily, be a site space.

A user's home space will determine:

  • The metadata panels and presets applied to their private space.
  • The spaces they have access to when they first sign in to Chorus.

Good to know: A user's home space can be changed by a site admin or by a space manager if “user creation” is allowed. For more on this, see Assign or change a user's home space.

Site admins can assign themselves the 'Admins' space as home space. They will still retain universal access across the site, having a specific home space for them to store admin files, metadata and presets.

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Users can identify their home space by the home badge in the corner. 

User's metadata and download catalogs are inherited from their home space