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Introduction to this section

There are three levels of account-holders in Chorus: Users, site admins, and external users. 

There is no limit to the number of user accounts you can create for your Chorus site.

About: Users

Chorus users have a login of their own, and have been granted storage capacity so they can store files in their private space.

About: Site admins

A site admin is a user who has been given access to Admin tools on their Chorus. These tools are hidden to other users. 

  • Site admins must sign in, or 'elevate', to access these tools. When they are not elevated, site admins continue to work in Chorus as regular users. 
  • Site admins have universal authority in a Chorus site. They can create, administrate, and delete all spaces, users, and files.
  • Site admins can impersonate all other users and access the home space of any user.
  • There can be one or many site admins in a Chorus site.

About: External users

External users have no storage capacity in their private space. 

  • External users are users created for collaboration work in a specific Chorus space or folder. 
  • They cannot view, edit, upload, download, share, or publish files unless invited to do so in a specific Chorus space or folder.
  • External users help reduce clutter and maintain a distinction between staff and guest users. They are great for freelancers, agencies, distributors, partners...

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Chorus account-holders at three levels

 Site admins will have access to Admin tools.