Third Light Intelligent Media Server

Intelligent Media Server is a Digital Asset Management system designed for organisations with a multitude of media files to manage who need to be sure their staff can find approved media assets quickly and easily.

Intelligent Media Server (IMS) enables faster and more dependable retrieval, easy reformatting for multiple channels and direct publishing to the web. As well as making life easier and more efficient, an IMS can save as much as a 70% of media management and reproduction costs - for a lot less than you might expect.

  • Centralise and organise all your pictures, videos, audio and collateral files into a central library, accessible worldwide.
  • Cut file retrieval time and effort with a clear structure, rich tagging and reliable search. Help maximise file reuse and minimise spend on new media.
  • Automate reformatting, cropping and clipping of approved assets for myriad target media, saving studio spend for real creative work.
  • Maximize brand consistency by replacing diverse and unreliable silos of media with a single source, while retaining auditable control over access.
  • Implement online review and approval cycles using tools that encourage user collaboration between your organisation and partners

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