Manage and monitor your media lifecycle

A Third Light digital media library is much more than a storage solution. It also helps you govern how files move in and out of your workflow; how your users, partners, and clients work with your files; and it lets you monitor every use, share, and alteration of your files.

As a library administrator, you’re in control.

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Passworded accounts and permissions

All Third Light libraries allow you to grant users – or whole groups of users – access to files as necessary.

Every user receives their own login and password, giving you effective and secure sharing. Since each user has their own login, you can easily share just the content needed using checkboxes to allocate permissions to particular folders.

What’s more, because Third Light servers are designed to scale, we've made it possible to change the language, layout, features, and privileges for every user individually, or in groups to save time on larger systems.

Upload and download approvals

In a shared library, some files that users upload may need manual approval first. The Third Light Premium and Enterprise Edition libraries let you send new files through approval workflows, with options to gather metadata from each user, and even open a chat window with an administrator to leave extra notes with the upload.

Downloads can also be sent through an approvals workflow first, so that a central team can be certain about how files will be used before releasing them, possibly with extra notes or details attached to help the user.

Version control and change logs

In the Premium and Enterprise Editions, you have the ability to make revisions of files and move backwards or forwards through the revisions whenever you wish. This also covers the metadata, so you can easily see exactly what changes (and who made the change) and revert if you need to.

Annotate files with notes which can be seen by other users, and set requirements to receive a note whenever a file is downloaded. This is just like leaving a sticky note on a file – great for improving visibility of important past uses of the same file.

Monitoring, logging, and audit trails

A Third Light digital media library provides tracking and reporting tools to ensure you never lose track of files again. It also includes a convenient, searchable record of the ways that your digital assets are being used.

Monitoring how digital media files are accessed is vital to understanding and adapting to your user base. By centralizing your media with digital asset management software, you can gain insight into how your library is being used.

Access logs of all activity including:

  • User logins, including IP and country
  • Viewing activity
  • Uploads and downloads
  • Searches, including results displayed
  • Changes made to metadata
  • Changes made to user accounts or permissions
  • Software version changes
  • Low-level auditing for all activity

Rely on library reports

Collate and view your library activity in detailed logs, graphs, tables, and searchable records.

Reports available in the Third Light library can be exported to CSV format (which is suitable for use with most spreadsheet programs, including Excel), so it is simple to conduct your audit or analysis projects offline, and to integrate your Third Light reports into existing record-keeping practices.

“If you are searching for a complete digital asset management system, look no further than Third Light. We have been using the Enterprise version installed locally on our servers for just over four years, and I can say with certainty that it has completely changed the way our organization works with images.”

– Dani Machlis, Photographer and IMS Administrator at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel.

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What our clients are saying

  • "We're now able to offer Photo Galleries after events or launches, which we then share with our guests and PR companies."

    Peter Beaumont, Mortgages plc
  • "The software has proved to be flexible and robust, and has transformed the way we use our valuable digital media files."

    Stuart Ford, Veolia Water Australia
  • "The support we've received from the team at Third Light has been consistently excellent."

    Stuart Ford, Veolia Water Australia
  • "We've received many words of appreciation from our clients. They praise the site's clean and attractive appearance, and its user-friendliness."

    Toronto Star Newspapers Limited
  • "Third Light saves us hours of searching and sorting through pictures. The system is intuitive to use, and gives us excellent control over how images are used. "

    Rebecca Bowerman, Anglia Ruskin University