What is DAM?

Like most businesses, you’re acquiring content as you go along: photos, videos, audio, logos and other brand assets, and artwork. This media is growing all the time, but in order to be managed successfully it needs to be stored in a central system. Digital asset management, often referred to as DAM, is a widely used term that describes software that does this.

Without centralization, trying to manage all these files – and ensuring colleagues can find what they need – can be frustrating for you and inefficient for your organization. You're constantly spending time trying to find old content, wasting money recreating what you can’t find, or struggling to make sure everyone uses up-to-date material. It’s even harder to do so now working locations are so distributed and changeable.

What you really need is to be able to create, search, share, and reuse your media via an online environment that you control and manage. An organization that installs a system to do exactly this for marketing and creative teams would be able to make much better use of their time and yours. Not only that, everyone’s job would be much less stressful – and much more enjoyable.

From small businesses and charities to some of the most famous global brands, companies around the world work with Third Light. Take a look at our Digital Asset Management case studies to see how successfully we’ve helped them store and share their best work, wherever they are.

Video introduction to DAM

For a deeper dive, watch our keynote at the 2020 Marketing Showcase event: