Third Light is a software company based in Cambridge, UK. We create products that simplify the organization and management of digital media files, or 'digital assets'.

We serve a global community of customers from our headquarters in Cambridge, and we have resellers in the USA, Australia, South Africa, Singapore and Scandinavia.

We were founded in 2002, and today we support more than 550 clients. Our products are used by organizations such as the United Nations and Oxford University, brands that include NASCAR, Virgin, NATO, The United Nations, and not-for-profits such as the Scouts, and Guide Dogs.

Third Light HQ - Cambridge Research Park

Third Light exports worldwide.

What makes Third Light different?

We're committed to developing great software that really works. We take great pride in getting the fine details right. Our telephone and free email support and our training packages are there to ensure you feel confident that you've come to the right place.

To me, meeting your needs means offering the right features, not letting the software become too complex, and taking great care to maintain usability. It also means being open about our pricing, and offering professional and friendly support. We're proud of our people, our reputation, and the projects our clients achieve with our software.

Michael Wells, Founder and Managing Director

What is Digital Asset Management?

Digital Asset Management, or DAM, is a label widely used to describe software that centralizes digital content. Most businesses are collecting photos, videos, logos, branding materials and artwork. Your media library is growing all the time, but needs to be stored in a central system to be managed successfully.

Trying to manage all these files without the help of a central library is one of the most frustrating and inefficient things you have to deal with. You're constantly investing time and money trying to find old content, or struggling to control the use of current files around your organization.

What you really want is to be able to search, share, and re-use your media via an online environment that you control and manage, without relying on public cloud sharing tools.

If you could do this your organization would be able to make much better use of your time. Not only that, your job would be so much more enjoyable.

Companies around the world work with us, ranging from small businesses and charities to some of the most famous global brands. Please have a look at our case studies to see how successfully Third Light helps bring your digital media together.

Case Studies