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Historic Images Case Study

Historic Images helps newspaper organizations digitize their photographic collections for the online, digital world. To do this, they need a platform that allows them to collaborate with their customers as they go through the process of scanning and attaching metadata to the original photographs. Read More…
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10 benefits of Digital Asset Management

Digital Asset Management is growing fast - what is it that gives DAM such a compelling advantage over traditional file servers? Here are our top ten reasons to use Digital Asset Management software. Read More…
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Cascading Folder Metadata

Most digital media libraries use folders to categorise broad subject areas. Wouldn't it be convenient if the structure of those folders also set metadata on the files, automatically? Read More…
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Third Light Newsletter - December 2013

In this newsletter, we're announcing the availability of a new metadata feature, several new upload tools, and we'd also like to invite you to join one of our training seminars free of charge. There is also a free storage gift for our subscription customers! Read More…
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